Welcome To Emerald Dental

At Emerald Dental, we want our patients to feel like part of the family. Our team strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for our patients. We provide a wide range of quality dental services to help our patients get the care they need. Whether you are looking for a new Dentist to take care of routine cleanings or you have a toothache that needs attention, we’re here to help!

If you are looking to rejuvenate your smile, we offer cosmetic dentistry services as well. Looking for a visit to the Dentist that fits right into your schedule? Walk-ins are always welcome! Let us show you the great services and amenities that our dental team can provide.

Hear From Our Patients

They were awesome!

I haven’t been to a Dentist in years. They were awesome!

I felt like the hygienist took her time cleaning and the Doctor was great!

I have TMJ and they didn’t make me open my mouth to an uncomfortable width

and was okay every time I had to close my mouth.


Absolutely loved this Dentist clinic!

From the first phone call the lady over the phone was so kind and got me an appointment right away.

I was nervous about switching Dentists but from the moment I walked in,

the ladies at the front desk had beautiful smiles on and were attentive.

My dental hygienist was even better!


They make you feel welcome and my hygienist was the best!

The place is extremely clean.

The doctor and the attendants are delightful, happy people and very good at what they do.

They make you feel welcome and my hygienist was the best!




Crooked or misaligned teeth can not only make you feel self-conscious but can cause other dental issues too. For an easy, efficient way to straighten your smile, ask us about Invisalign clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign braces are virtually invisible so you can smile comfortably throughout your entire treatment.



Regardless of whether you need to see the Dentist or your child needs to come in, we are excited to see your entire family at Emerald Dental. Our friendly team can help your children feel safe and comfortable. If anyone in your family needs a cavity filled, a dental crown, or a root canal, we'll be here and ready to help.



Are you missing any teeth? We offer dental implants to fill the gaps in your smile. The whole process takes place right here in our office so we can ensure the best possible results. Each implant is placed with care. Our implants are designed to blend in with your natural smile and function like a natural tooth.